Risk Management

The Excegis team assists North American company to develop & enhance Risk Assessment software for use by Fortune 500 companies.


Distributed Computing

Excegis is currently developing a distributed computing application framework for use in large capacity data processing systems.


Automotive Testing System

Excegis is in discussions with automotive organizations to design & implement specific high speed vehicle control & braking analysis systems.


Land Title Information System

Excegis team helps in the development of online Land Title Information and Management system for EDS and the Alberta Government.


Global Business Excellence

Bridging The Gap

Excegis Developments Inc.


Excegis bridges the gap between your business and success. We understand business, we understand technology, we understand people...


Using our experience, knowledge, know-how and global network we can provide solutions that seem a world away right to your front door step.


You no longer have to be restricted by what's available in your own back yard. If you can THINK BIG we can help you MAKE it BIG.


Or if you don't know where to even begin that's ok too. We will work hand-in-hand and side-by-side with you every step of the way... 


Welcome to Excegis, a global mutlidisciplinary company providing solutions to your business needs from custom software applications to engineering design and manufacturing.


Please contact us to schedule an initial consultation.



"We required an effective solution to a complex multi-application problem in record time and this team delivered above and beyond saving us millions of dollars a month" - TELUS