Risk Management

The Excegis team assists North American company to develop & enhance Risk Assessment software for use by Fortune 500 companies.


Distributed Computing

Excegis is currently developing a distributed computing application framework for use in large capacity data processing systems.


Automotive Testing System

Excegis is in discussions with automotive organizations to design & implement specific high speed vehicle control & braking analysis systems.


Land Title Information System

Excegis team helps in the development of online Land Title Information and Management system for EDS and the Alberta Government.


Global Business Excellence


Software Solutions & Business Services

In an extremely diverse business world ranging from brazen startups to old time legacy (if not legendary) corporations everyone's needs are not the same.


The Business Lifecycle is different for every person, every company, every industry. You are good at understanding your business, understanding your market, understanding your needs...whether it's a clothing company or small retail outlet or a large conglomerate with global offices.


We are good at understanding technology, understanding how technology can be used to benefit businesses, and listening to your needs. Do you want to be more productive, more cost efficient, more profitable, perhaps all of the above and more...


Our design techniques and processes allow us to be extremely flexible. If you need something quick and simple ranging from a basic web page introducing your company or showing off your products & services or a highly complex Web 2.0 application involving Order Processing and Online purchasing, we can modify what we do and how we do it to get what you need done.


We don't push for one style, one method, one technology, or one way of doing things. Instead we analyze every project and come up with the best solution focusing on what's most important to you be it time, efficiency, complexity, or scalability.


Our team of professional software developers have expertise in full lifecycle projects, from the initial concept phase to the final full fledged production quality application and have worked with or provided solutions and services for companies such as Microsoft , IBM & EDS to name a few.


Government, Retail, Finance, Airline, Insurance, Telecommunications, Power & Energy are some of the industry sectors our team has produced solutions for.


So allow us to use our wealth of knowledge, experience, and skill to help make your business succeed, to help make you succeed.



Engineering Design & Manufacturing

There's that old saying that ideas are a dime a dozen...what if you could turn your idea into a reality...maybe all you need is a prototype to begin with and see where it goes from there...


Or perhaps you have an existing product that you need to enhance, or maybe you just want to build your products better, cheaper, or faster.


From electronics & automotives to water tanks & furniture. Ideas are endless and there are always new ways of doing things so let us see how we can help you build what you need.



International Trade (Import & Export)

Are you are looking for a new product or need to find a way to get more of what you currently have and you can't find what you need in local market regions...


Our global alliance enables us to find products from around the world ranging from things such as electronics, construction materials, machinery, agriculture & textiles.



Investment Opportunities & Funding

Our invesment opportunities around the globe range from projects in the retail & commercial industry to startup businesses offering a new product or service or established businesses looking to expand.


Please contact us to see what we currently have available as opportunities are constantly opening and closing.